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Name: M.A. Irem Can Name: B.Sc. Stephan Embers
 Name: B.A. Sarah Braun  Name: Dr. Pramio Sembiring Garson
Name: B.Sc. Mouncef Rebhi Name: M.A. Asal Motamedi
Name: B.Sc.Kira Weische Name: B.Sc. Kira Filip
Name: M.Sc. Gelareh Fattahi-Moews Name: M.Sc. Julian Hortmann
Name: M.Sc. Thomas Hilfert Name: M.Sc. Kai Klein
Name: M.Sc. Miriam Löbbecke Name: Dipl. Ing. Matthias Thome
Name: Dipl. Ing Andreas Lindner Name: M.Sc. Hamid Elwakili
Name: B.Sc. Stefan Mika




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Master´s Thesis

Gurudutt, Chandrashekar


"PFinite element implementation of a shell element for a piezoelectric composite active structure"

Luo, Wei


"Modeling of hydrogen diffusion under mechanical loading for high strength multiphase steels"

Fattahi, Gelareh


"3D simulation of ripening in a binary alloy mush in presence of convection using phase field method"

Ma, Ning


"Development of a software to control a camera system"

Özarmut, Burak


"Meshing strategies for consideration of random fields in non-linear finite element analysis"

Khalik, Taban


"Cohesive zone/plasticity model of a soft magnetic composite material"

Ul Hassan, Hamad


"Investigation of effect of variation in interface strength on mechanical behaviour and evolution of damage in polymer matrix composite material"

Lanka, Shiva Kumar


"Parallelization of the simulation code for a dense suspension of deformable particles in flow via message passing interface (MPI)"

Rajendran, Mohan Kumar


"Numerical modeling and simulation of a descaling unit"

Deniz, Onur


"Implementing centroidal voronoi tessellation meshing for computational fluid-structure-simulation in engine pump valve component"

Pouya, Mina


"Lattice Boltzmann simulation of the Gray-Scott model with inhomogeneous reaction rates: Toward application in vegetation pattern formation"

Nguyen, Anh Quan


"Development of a framework for structural optimization with evolution strategies based on the eclipse platform using parallel computers"

Dang, Thai Son


"Isogeometric analysis: Investigation of computational performance and modeling of propagating cracks using T-splines"

Cao, Ba Trung


"Comparison of different verification methods for plate buckling"

Hazi, Bence


"Numerical modeling of the visco-elastoplastic behaviour of frozen soils"

Nguyen, Ngoc Minh



"Numerical modeling of propagating cracks using the NURBS-based extended finite element method"

Nguyen, Thanh Luan


"Integrated implementation of an extended kalman filter within finite element analysis for parameter identification of geotechnical models"

Mahboob, Kamran


"Metamodelling using simulation trained neural network for shield tunneling"

Nguyen, Lan Phuong


"Implementation of the water management units based integrated water resources management contamination risk tool in the vu gia-thu river basin, vietnam"

Nguyen, Hai Van


"Finite element implementation for viscoplastic constitutive equations"

Ngo, Dinh Bao Nam


"Deformation of a solid sphere within the continuum theory of vacancies"

Nguyen, Minh Thoung


"Numerical simulation of casing treatment for an axial compressor front stage rotor"

Chen, Yuxiang


"Numerical modeling of the elasto-visco-plastic behavior of liquid-saturated soils"

Zhang, Weizhe


"Finite element analysis of steel fiber pull-out behavior from concrete matrix"

Somasundara, Velammal


"Influences of tunneling induced settlements on the serviceability of waterproof-structures"

Hameed, Rehman Hameed


"Fitting of plasticity parameters to indentation results"

Iqbal, Sohail


"A 2D finite element mesh generator using GPU-DT"


Re-accreditation 2014

- Under Construction -

During the Welcome Week a group of people from nearly all over the world met and enjoyed a diversified program that involved physical amenities (eating, drinking, bowling), some sightseeing and, last but not least, the completion of essential formalities.

On Wednesday – after a welcome breakfast at the working room for Comp-Eng students, during which the new students were welcomed by Course Coordinator Mr. Joerg Sahlmen and Course Director Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Hackl – the Comp-Eng team guided the new students over the RUB campus, showing them central locations such as the library, the Students’ Secretary Office, the Audi Max and the Botanical Garden.

On Thursday the students were guided through the local computer pools by Engineering Informatics lecturer Dr. Karl-Heinz Lehner, before having lunch at the RUB canteen. Later on the CompEng tutor team helped the new students complete essential formalities such as registering at the Residents Registration Office, opening a bank account and taking out health insurance.

On Friday another breakfast was organized in which all Comp-Eng lecturers participated, before introducing their courses in a more formal context during the Official Welcome Ceremony. The ceremony was opened by a Word of Welcome from Dean Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thewes, in which he gave the students brief insights into the subject’s history. The day was topped off with a bowling session at a local Bowling Center – the secret highlight of the week.

The week closed with an excursion to Cologne, a boat trip on the river Rhine and a walk through the historical parts of Cologne’s city centre. Enjoy our picture gallery to get an impression of the Welcome Week and the immensely positive mood among the students.



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