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Upcoming Event: CompEng's 1st Career Chat


On Wednesday,30th of June, there will be the first 'CompEng Career Chat'! The event contains of a series of talks in which three CompEng graduates give first-hand and practice-oriented accounts of their everyday professional life: M.Sc. Fatemeh Hessam Mohseni, M.Sc. Deepanshu Kapoor, and M.Sc. Eleni Kikidi. In short presentations, they will give interesting information from their work experience and career path. Afterwards, the CompEng students will have the opportunity to ask questions. With this event, they can learn about possible career prospects, gain professional perspectives, and get insights into their future working life.In the program, you can find all speakers listed for the day.

For participating in the event, please send a short mail to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to receive the Zoom link.

We are very much looking forward to the event and would like to alreay thank the three speakers for making this event possible!

My Favourite Formula


In January the CompEng student council started the contest „Your Favourite Formula “on Instagram. They asked for students favourite CompEng equation along with a short explanation, what they liked about it.

Pictures of formulas were sent by many students, some of which were Aparna Gopinath, Eduart Isedisha, Faris Al-Jamal, Klidi Qyteti, Mohammadreza Saghazadeh, Mrugenda Shilvant and Pitambar Kundu.

It turned out that some of them associated their favourite formula with a special situation. Mrugendra and Eduart for example both chose the very first formula they had learnt during their first CompEng lesson. Klidi especially likes the Navier-Stokes equations, because “they can describe any fluid flow you can think of”. Pitambar’s preferred CompEng formula is the equilibrium law, because it is “the basis of derivation of finite element formulation as well as the starting point of solid mechanics”. Faris referred to his favourite formula as “magic” because Prof. Dr. techn. Meschke had introduced it as such before explaining it. Mohammadreza chose the Newton’s second law as his favourite formula, because it can be used in many different mathematical problems in physics and mechanics. Aparna chose an equation including the letters “C” and “E”, which reminds her of the initial letters of Computational Engineering.

Next to the fun of sharing the stories and feelings around their favourite formulas, the students could win a price! The decision was not easy for the student council, but after some time of discussions a hand full of winners were announced in the student councils’ Instagram-story. The price was a CompEng coffee cup – to start their day with CompEng 😊

Thanks to the student council for this fun idea! Also, a big thanks to all CompEng students who have shared their favourite formula with us!


Alice Alferink, Student Assistant


New member for the CompEng Lecturer Team: Prof. Dr. Patrick Henning

patrick henning


We are happy to announce that from the summer semester 2021 Prof. Dr. Patrick Henning will be joining the CompEng lecturer team. This semester he is teaching the compulsory optional course ‘Computational Fluid Dynamics’.

Before Patrick Henning became Professor of Numerical Mathematics at the Faculty of Mathematics at RUB in October 2020, his research career had already taken him to Sweden and Switzerland.

After studying mathematics in Freiburg, Patrick Henning obtained his doctorate at the University of Münster. This was followed by first research stays at the University of Uppsala, Sweden, and the École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland. Back in Germany the next career step followed. The habilitation in mathematics at the University of Münster. However, the Swedish chapter was not yet closed, so that Patrick Henning then went to the Swedish capital Stockholm as a lecturer and Associate Professor for five years.

In his current research, Patrick Henning is focusing on the design and analysis of numerical methods for the solution of multiscale differential equations. His fields of interest include finite element methods, multiscale methods for partial differential equations, and computational quantum physics.


Prof. Dr. Patrick Henning's website



Sarah Jordan

"How to Master Thesis"


On Saturday, the 23rd of January 2021 the student council of CompEng started their event series "How to Master Thesis". In this series, Computational Engineering seniors and alumni are providing helpful insights into their experience with their Master's theses. Each week, the students meet online with a senior or alumnus who gives a short presentation. Afterwards, the students have the opportunity to ask questions.

Thanks to everyone participating in this series, offering help and support to CompEng students. Rumor has it that the seniors and alumni might even get a small surprise from the student council as a thank you for their help!