Official Graduation Ceremony 2018



On Friday, the 7th December 2018, this year’s official graduation ceremony of the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering took place. Graduates from Computational Engineering, Civil Engineering, as well as from Environmental Technology and Resource Management celebrated the successful completion of their studies. Furthermore, particularly outstanding degrees and achievements of graduates were awarded.

Ruhr-University’s biggest lecture hall, the Audimax, served as the festive setting for this year’s graduation ceremony. Prof. Dr.-Ing. R. Höffer, Dean of the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering, lead through the ceremony and handed the degree certificates to the graduates. Selected students received prizes for special study achievements from the faculty, well-known industrial partners and organizations. Mr. Rodolfo Williams, as well as Mr. Sumit Awadhut Dhadam were awarded a book prize for their excellent academic achievements, Mr. Mazen Draw was again awarded for his DAAD price by Prof. Dr. Hackl. One special guest was Comp-Eng founder Prof. Guenther Schmid, Ph.D. The moving student graduation speech was held by our former student council president Shrikanth Panneerselvan.

The event ended with a get together in the foyer of the Audimax including a buffet and drinks. We are looking forward to next year’s ceremony!

We congratulate all graduates. Thank you for being part of the CompEng family. We wish you all the best for your future career and hope you will keep us and Bochum in good memory.

A special thanks to the dean's office of the faculty, as well as Julia Lippmann and Mona Rosenberg who organized this year’s fantastic graduation ceremony.

Thanks to Rosa Lisa Rosenberg who has captured this evening perfectly in such great photos.



Christina Rauch, Student Assistant


CompEng Students are Granted the 'Deutschlandstipendium'


 Course Director Prof. Dr. Hackl, Xuling Ye, Yaman Zendacki, Stephanie Roskosch, Mehmed Numanovic, Mazen Draw, Coordinator Dipl.-Ing. Sven Zimmermann       © RUB, Marquard


The National Scholarship Program (Deutschlandstipendium) is awarded to students who show outstanding academic achievements and are involved in social activities. It is made possible by companies, institutions and individuals. Funds from the national and NRW governments further complement the scholarship sums. They are intended to be a contribution to students' living costs and ideally, they should enable them to concentrate on their studies rather than worrying about financial issues. Thus, they considerably help to improve students' study conditions.

We are happy to announce that this year four CompEng students were chosen to benefit from this scholarship: Stephanie Roskosch, Xuling Ye, Yaman Zendacki, Mehmed Numanovic and Mazen Draw. On 26th of November 2018, the scholarship was awarded to our scholarship holders at the Audimax.

Not only do our scholarship holders stand out through their remarkable academic performance but furthermore due to their voluntary commitment. Ms Roskosch for instance gives swimming as well as tutoring lessons; Ms Ye is committed in her work for the environment as she collects garbage at the Kemnade Lake in Bochum as well as she is active in planting trees. Mr. Zendacki is an active member of the Computational Engineering Student Council. As a course guide, he helps other students “overcoming the obstacles of studying” (Yaman Zendacki)

After hearing about the scholarship, our students initially shared the good news with their loved ones: “I texted my family and my father was so happy for me, he couldn’t sleep all night!” (Xuling Ye) “I told my boyfriend right away. We are planning to move in together and the scholarship makes it possible!” (Stephanie Roskosch) “I was at Decathlon with my friend Tariq. He was in the changing room when I got the message. He was very happy for me. I immediately texted my parents, they are very happy and proud.” (Yaman Zendacki)

We are glad our students get the chance to receive financial support through this scholarship programme. During the ceremony, Mr. Zendacki met one of the sponsors: “I had a chat with him, it was really nice. He has been a scholarship holder of the Deutschlandstipendium himself. I think it would be great to be able to become a sponsor as well in the future. This way I could support the new generation of students.”

We wish the four scholarship holders all the best for their future. We are proud to have you on board!

Many thanks to the RUB Rectorate and the RUB Department of PR and Communication/ Fundraising and Alumni for making this scholarship available to the students.

For further information on the scholarship programme visit



 Christina Rauch, Student Assistant

CompEng goes Nations League - Germany vs Netherlands


On Monday, the 19th of November CompEng set out to Gelsenkirchen to go see the Nations League match Germany vs Netherlands at the Veltins Arena. Even though our journey was troubled due to unpredictable tram cancellations and a replacement bus service, we managed to reach the Arena just in time to watch the kick-off. The German team made an early lead with Timo Werner scoring a goal in the 9th minute and Leroy Sané scoring one only ten minutes later. At high speed and with many good opportunities to score, the team raised mood and hope for a home victory. However, after 80 minutes this hope was crushed – the Dutch player Quincy Promes scored a goal and finally Virgil van Dijk equalized during the stoppage time. For the German team, this final score results in being relegated from the A to the B league of the Nations League. Despite the setback we really enjoyed the game. It was an awesome feeling to see all the national players on field. We saw Thomas Müller play in his 100th international match and participated in a “La-Ola-Welle” lasting several minutes.

The good-humoured CompEng students as well as the impressive atmosphere made for a successful trip. Thanks for everyone who participated. We had a really good time!

A special shout out to the AStA, who provided the special ticket offer. Thanks to Arko Bahattacharjee for the picture.


Christina Rauch, Student Assistant


On Friday, the 26th of October 2018 CompEng visited the Movie Park amusement park in Bottrop.

With its numerous attractions and an area of 40 hectares it is always worth a visit. Especially the Halloween Horror Fest is an annual must see. It features over 250 scare actors and extra attractions like mazes and scarezones, as well as shows.

At 9 in the morning we started our journey at the Bochum main station. After everyone received their entrance card along with a map of the park, the fun began! We had the whole day to experience and discover the different attractions in the park and luckily, we benefited from our early arrival as we didn’t have to wait in line for too long to go on to the rollercoasters. For some it was their first visit to an amusement park and we are really happy they had a good time!

Attractions like the 60 meter high Free Fall Tower or the MP Xpress, which travels up to 80 km/h, ensured adrenaline rushes and unforgettable moments.

Those, who managed to stay until 6pm, experienced the park turning into a horror show! Fog and atmospheric lights, monsters and special horror attractions guaranteed an eerily beautiful adventure. Even the heavy rain could not disturb the mood.

Thanks for everyone who participated. We really enjoyed the trip!


A special shout out to the FSVK, who helped to realize this event with their financial support.


Christina Rauch, Student Assistant

 DAAD price 2018 goes to Mazen Draw

 Course Director Prof. Dr. Hackl, Coordinator Dipl.-Ing. Sven Zimmermann, Mazen Draw, Rektor Prof. Dr. Schölmerich, General Coordinator Dipl.-Ing. Jörg Sahlmen

© RUB, Marquard


The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) annually awards the DAAD-Price to international students who stand out due to their academic performances as well as their social commitment.

This year’s award was granted to the Computational Engineering student Mazen Draw from Syria. Mr. Draw is an outstanding student in many ways. Not only is his academic performance remarkable but so is his voluntary commitment. Before coming to Germany, Mr. Draw was already involved in voluntary work in Syria. His refuge did not stop him from continuing this work: He helped numerous other refugees with translations and administrative procedures, participated in fundraising campaigns and was active in supporting public relations that created awareness for the topic. He speaks about his experiences of leaving his home behind and about the challenges of taking up his studies in Germany.  

Over the past three years, Mr. Draw has grown with his challenges; he has built a life in Bochum and worked hard for his studies.

Mr. Draw represents in an outstanding way the motto of the Ruhr-Universität Bochum: "menschlich – weltoffen – leistungsstark". We are proud to accompany him on his way.


Christina Rauch, Student Assistant