RUB Bauwesen CompEng

KlostermannThe third event in the context of our ‘Insights into Practice’ series was met with great interest among the Comp Eng students and the research staff of related departments: On Friday, 27 May 2011, PhD candidate Sönke Klostermann gave exclusive insights into his work at EADS Innovation Works, Hamburg. The contact to the company had been established through Comp-Eng student Burak Özarmut, who completed his master’s thesis in close cooperation with EADS, interning at their Hamburg office for six months.

EADS is a leading global aerospace and defense company, whose business depends heavily on the development and integration of state-of-the-art technologies in its products. A global network of Technical Capability Centres, collectively known as EADS Innovation Works, is operating the corporate Research and Technology (R&T) laboratories.

Working within the Hamburg Technical Capability Centre "Engineering, Physics, IT, Security Services & Simulation", Sönke Klostermann is a part of the special research team "Simulation Optimisation" which focuses on simulation technologies such as Physical Simulation (FEM, MBS, Heat/Flow, Illumination/IR), Stochastic Simulation (Design of Experiments, Uncertainty Management, Multiscalar Stochastics, Optimisation), Immersive Simulation (Visualisation, Teleimmersion), and Processes & Services (Coupled Simulations, CAD-CAE-Link, Simulation Data Management).

Mr. Klostermann’s presentation focused on his own career development, EADS Innovation Works and the activities of the team “Simulation Optimisation”, hence providing the Comp Eng students some unique insights into the daily routine of a working engineer and gave them the chance to establish worthwhile contacts to a young industry representative.