RUB Bauwesen CompEng

bild1Within the frame of the student exchange between RUB and VGU there were several highlights we would like to share with you.

On 10 September 2010 the CompEng team and the nine VGU-students travelled to the neighboring city of Dortmund to watch a football match between Borussia Dortmund (BVB) and Berlin football club Hertha BSC. When the players entered the stadium and they and the audience sang the ususal encouraging songs it was a truly magic moment. Although BVB lost the match 1:2 all participants highly enjoyed the exciting game which was topped off by the typical stadium meal:  Bratwurst and Beer. [View pictures]

On 22 September Prof. Stolpe, chairholder of the RUB department of Environmental Engineering and Ecology, and one of his assistants took the VGU group to Cologne, showed them the essential sights and gave them some exclusive insights into the city’s past. [View pictures]

Under the guidance of CompEng founder Prof. Dr. Guenther Schmid the VGU students visited the World Heritage Site ‘Zollverein’ in the neighboring city Essen on 30 September. Zollverein is a former industrial mining complex which has been turned into a museum and cultural centre.

Although the VGU student group stayed in Bochum for two whole months time was too short to show them all the exciting things to be explored in the Ruhr area and surrounding cities. At least, however, they caught a glimpse of the country, its people and its history. Besides that their visit laid the foundation for an even closer relationship between the two different cultures that can still learn so much from each other.