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Ulrich Freyberger's presentation on the role of fiber reinforced composites in the automobile industry and the challenges these materials pose on engineeris in terms of their numerical simulation was met among the CompEng student group with great interest.

Ulrich Freyberger is the head of the CAE department of the software company CDH AG. In addition to the more specialized part of his presentation, he also gave exclusive insights into the company structure and its projects.

The CDH Society for Applied Structural Mechanics was founded in 1990 by Mladen Chargin, Dr Leo W. Dunne and Dave Herting. Since then CDH has been developing Finite Element applications for the automobile industry, the aerospace industry and their suppliers. The name of the company was derived from the first letters of its founding members, who are internationally re-known experts in the development and application of FEM software. With its headquarters at Ingolstadt, Germany and branch offices in the US and Japan, CDH currently has more than 50 employees.

The presentation was held in the context of the ‘Insights into Practice’ presentation series which serve to give our students the chance to get in contact with engineering companies and to hence to acquire some first hand information about their future vocational field.

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