RUB Bauwesen CompEng

On Wednesday, 7 December 2011, NASTRAN inventors MSC Software ( presented themselves in the context of the "Insights into Practice" presentation series. Walter Simon, senior engineer at MSC Software, gave a highly interesting presentation on the topic "MSC Software: 50 years in numerical simulation, the beginning, today, and the future".


simon_gesamtThe presentation outlined the beginning and the history of numerical simulation in the Sixties until now. It showed how the design and development of NASTRAN, motivated by the NASA, was one of the fundamentals for the Apollo program and the landing on the moon. By means of some industry examples Mr. Simon illustrated what can be done with numerical simulation and its wide range of applications today. Finally he highlighted what could be possible in the future.

In addition to the highly interesting subject specific content the presentation gave students the chance to establish some worthwhile industry contacts and to obtain some first-hand information on one of their aspired vocational fields: An event that helped to pave the way for interesting future cooperations.