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RUB CompEng Coordinator meets 'RUB Princess' at VGU in Ho-Chi Minh City

In early January this year Bochum CompEng Coordinator Dipl.-Ing. Joerg Sahlmen had the chance to meet RUB scholarship holder Hannah Sommer at the Vietnamese German University in Ho-Chi Minh City. Hannah, an RUB Mechanical Engineering student, went to VGU in September 2011 to conduct a 6-month-research stay there, during which she would also write her Bachelor's thesis. Mr. Sahlmen was glad to see that Hannah was fine, making good progress with her research work and, above all, she had settled in well in this Asian metropolis. Hannah, who is about 1,80 m tall, has red hair and light skin seems to be known to everyone in this big city as the "German princess".

You will soon find an interview with Hannah here. For now, please enjoy the pictures that Mr. Sahlmen took along his journey.