RUB Bauwesen CompEng

DSC_0078On Tuesday, 28 August 2012 our VGU-exchange students were invited by CompEng-founder Prof. Dr.-Ing. G. Schmid to visit the mining museum in Bochum. After a short walk through the city of Bochum we arrived at the Museum with its big head frame and the two wheels on top. It is also known as an emblem of Bochum, so it was the first stop for a nice group photo.

The guided tour started at an elevator which took us down into the model mining system. There machines from the beginning of coal mining until now were shown in the developed order as well as the different kinds of tunnel drilling. We got an impression of the early days of mining when our guide handed us the first mining tools – shovel and pick. An important subject related to mining is the safety. So we were shown the development of safety in the mining tunnels. At the end our guide sent us up again, not to the ground level but to the top of the head frame where we could enjoy an overwhelming view above Bochum. Beside the mining system the museum exhibits showrooms which display mining tools like the famous oil lamps, rare gemstones and a lot of worth seeing machines and tools needed for coal mining.

After the tour through the museum the group made its way to a little restaurant settled next to the city park of Bochum. Over refreshment we discussed the impressions we took from the tour and talked about the Ruhr area and what is next to discover.

Many thanks to the 'VGU-Konsortialverein' for providing the financial support to make this event possible!


Kira Filip, CompEng tutor