RUB Bauwesen CompEng


Participants: VGU-Students, Prof. Klaus Hackl, Monika Sprung, Prof. Le, Prof. Steeb, Jörg Sahlmen, Julia Lippmann, all CompEng tutors.

On September 20th, Prof. Klaus Hackl, chairholder of the RUB Institute of Mechanics and CompEng Course Director, invited the group of VGU-exchange students for a farewell lunch before they left Germany on 23 September 2012. After finishing their meal at the RUB Mensa the VGUs and Prof. Hackl, along with Monika Sprung, Head of the International Office, Prof. Le, Prof. Steeb, CompEng Course Coordinators Jörg Sahlmen and Julia Lippmann, and several CompEng tutors moved to the RUB International Lounge to have coffee and a final chat. Mrs. Sprung underlined the pioneering role the students played in the relationship with the Vietnamese-German-University, wishing them a safe journey back with many exciting impressions and long-lasting memories to take home. Vice versa the students expressed their gratitude for the warm welcome they were given in Bochum and the interesting courses and cultural events that were organized for them, emphasizing that this was one of the most impressive journey of their whole lifetime. Finally, the students received a gift-set consisting of RUB-USB-sticks that contained a collection of photographs from the excursions, and a CompEng mug. The two passengers of the capsized canoe were honored for their extraordinary efforts with CompEng t-shirts.