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On December, 14th, 2012, the CompEng Student Council and the CompEng Coordination Office welcomed all students of Computational Engineering to the annual Christmas Party, traditionally connected to the student council plenary meeting.

At first Vlad Leontie, member of the student council and future president of the same presented the most important topics of the last as well as the upcoming year.

These topics were:
  • Introduction to the Function and Role of Student Council
  • Report of Student Council on Past Activities
  • Cash Auditing
  • Discharge of the Previous Student Council Team and Approval of the Actions of the Student Council
  • Election of New Student Council
  • Questions

As a result of the election the new student council consists of the following administrators:

  • President: Vlad Leontie
  • Vice-President: Zuhaib Nazir
  • Treasurer: Pradeep Kuppuraj
  • Co-Treasurer: Stefan Costache
  • Additional Support for the Student Council Administration: Manitra Rakotomahefa, Rabindra Subedi, Sarat Maharjan

Afterwards students were invited to have typically German Glühwein (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), Christstollen (a traditional German Christmas Cake), Christmas Cookies and various soft drinks.
Furthermore, as a special surprise Knecht Ruprecht – the in Germany well known evil Santa Claus – showed up to hand out Chocolate Santa Clauses to the good students and to be angry with the bad students. However, naturally all our students were good students so that everyone got an early Christmas present to enjoy.