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We can proudly announce that research work of two of our Computational Engineering graduate students, Mr. Kavan Khaledi and Mr. Shorash Miro, was selected as the best contribution of young scientists in INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC CONFERENCE ON MECHANICS (MECH2012) on 19th-22nd November 2012 in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Mr. Shorash Miro and Mr. Kavan Khaledi have successfully completed their Master degree in Computational Engineering program in year 2010 and 2012 and started to work as a PhD candidate in research team at the chair of Computing in Engineering and chair of Foundation Engineering, Soil and Rock Mechanics in Ruhr University Bochum.

The title of their research work in MECH2012 conference was "Application of Metamodeling Techniques for Mechanized Tunnel Simulation” which was selected as the best young scientists contribution. The paper was presented in the "Mathematical Modeling and Numerical Simulations" session and it represents the application of special approximation approaches for mechanized tunnel simulation in order to reduce the computation time and cost.



M.Sc. Shorash Miro M.Sc. Kavan Khaledi

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