RUB Bauwesen CompEng


On 20th June 2013 we celebrated our CompEng summer party which was organized by our CE-student council with the assistance of the CompEng coordination office.

After the storm that first turned the sky black and brought a torrential downpour to bochum during lunchtime, we were really lucky with the good weather in the evening when the party started. We enjoyed a nice summer breeze with our students from all over the world. Among our students, some CompEng alumni, PhD candidates, lecturers, and as well as some professors joined us to celebrate.

Among the cold drinks, the new student council barbeque was filled with different dishes: Sausages and sliced meat, vegetarian food like potatoes, corn or vegetables and different pieces of chicken produced a flavourful smell around the party area. Beyond that the culinary selection was completed by various salads, dips and bread so that nobody went home hungry. The later the evening, the eletronic backround music turned into varied music from all over the world which was accompanied by typical dancing styles –from salsa to Indian and Iranian to freestyle and rumanian folk music- that made the evening unforgettable.

We are already looking forward to the next event to come together and speak out a special 'thank you' to the Asta and the department of Wind Engineerung and Fluid Dynamics for their support.

Please have a look at our picture gallery to get some lively impressions of the evening.