RUB Bauwesen CompEng

Two CompEng students wrote about their experiences at RUB Motorsport and give a very good impression about their work there. 

Andrzej Smajda (left) from Poland and Ahmad Afshar (right) from Iran started the master course Computational Engineering in 2012.



"Working in the RUB Motorsport team was one of the best experiences in my life.

 It gives rare opportunity for Mechanical Engineers to validate their knowledge and gain very important experience before starting professional career. It also gives enormous satisfaction to be able to participate in this creative process and be the witness of your designs coming to life. When all parts come together, everything works and you sit in the car for the first time, it is a feeling that is difficult to compare with anything else. If you are motorsport fan then this feeling is amplified ;)

 It is much more then a normal university project. It requires much more from you but also gives much, much more in return.

 You have the possibility to take part in the entire process of building a fully functional machine (a race car in this instance). From design, finite element analysis, optimization, manufacturing to testing and tuning. It opens your eyes on new problems that emerge in real life engineering applications and teaches you how to tackle them. You learn by practice all the way through the entire season. By manufacturing some of the parts yourself and by feedback you get from professional companies that cooperate with the team you become more aware and mature designer. You get fair amount of design freedom to experiment with different solutions and materials (especially composites) to inspire creativity and innovation. All the time we perform a balancing act to find the best possible compromise between cost and performance, you learn how to design cost effective parts and manage your budget.  Not to mention all the team work related skills and much, much, more…

 It is also perfect opportunity to verify the knowledge learned in the Compeng course. By performing finite element analysis and then verifying the results on a race track you gain confidence in your understanding of the topic and it encourages you to broaden you knowledge even more.

 English is official language in all Formula Student events so all team members speak it very well. There is no communicational barrier for foreign student to join the team. It is also very good opportunity to gain German friends, become more familiar with the language and maybe most importantly learn some technical German.

 We are happy to talk with all people that are interested in joining the team so please follow us on facebook: or check our website for any further information about Formula Student, our team and our plans for the new season!"

 (Andrzej Smajda, August  2013)











"Being a member of the RUB Student Formula Team was a spectacular experience. My impression of practical aspects of mechanical engineering played an important role in my decision to join the group. Success in an interdisciplinary atmosphere required effective teamwork and project management and I believe it was a first step in practice of professionalism. I had to increase my awareness of the real world engineering issues such as spatial constraints, material properties, prototyping and manufacturing processes, safety, aesthetics, and cost management and also techniques such as computer aided analysis and design.

After all FSG Competition in Hockenheim gave me an unique opportunity to exchange opinions and experience, and discover new possibilities to understand and handle engineering problems with many young engineers from all around the world. Most important however is the opportunity to get known to and share different cultures and establishing personal friendships, also useful in future working life."

 (Ahmad Afshar, August  2013)