RUB Bauwesen CompEng

 On August 15th a CompEng group consisting of five Vietnamese students from Vietnamese German University (VGU), Prof. Hackl, Prof. Baitsch, Prof. Kuhl, Dr. Hoppe, Coordinator Jörg Sahlmen as well as a group of CompEng-Tutors and some family members went to an excursion to Henrichenburg and Dortmund.

The first part of the trip was a guided tour at the ship elevator Henrichenburg. As the first commercially important ship elevator in the world it connected the industrial area Ruhr Valley with the North Sea and hence the rest of the world. Nowadays it serves as a museum to explain visitors the technical challenge of the time the elevator was still in operation.

After the tour and an outstanding lunch at a Greek restaurant, a boat trip led the group through the lock that substituted the ship elevator due to commercial effectiveness. Here everyone could experience to have coffee while being lifted by water in a huge tube made of concrete.

Except for industrial inventions, another thing that is typical for the Ruhr Valley – of course – is soccer. Therefore a guided tour through the stadium of Dortmund was chosen to close the day. The home of ‘Borussia Dortmund’ is the biggest soccer stadium in Germany offering place for more than 80,000 fans. Here the group not only learned facts about soccer culture but also experienced to walk into the stadium like a star player or sit on the same bench where usually coaches sit on a gameday.