RUB Bauwesen CompEng

Computational Engineering coordination team arranged a welcome week for the new students in October 2013. During the second week of October we planned different events for the students to get more familiar with the new environment, get to know each other better and also know more about the Ruhr university Bochum and for sure more about Germany.
The students were busy during their first days of arrival in Bochum with some official tasks such as doing enrollment, getting accommodation, registration in the city, opening bank account and getting German health insurance. On 10th of October, our welcome week started with a breakfast party. It was a good chance for the new students to meet each other and also CompEng team. After breakfast, it was bowling time! ;) We went all together to the Bochumer Bowling Treff. It was really fun and all the people enjoyed the afternoon.

On 11th of October we had our official opening ceremony. It started with welcome speech held by CompEng Course Director, Prof. Hackl, and General Coordinator, Mr. Sahlmen. Furthermore, the students were presented with a short overview about the subjects of the first semester by the respective lecturers. After that, we had a campus tour with the help of CompEng tutors.

The welcome week program ended with an excursion to Bonn. We had a short stop in Cologne just to have a first impression of the city and also of the famous Cathedral, which is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Germany. Afterwards we continued our trip to Bonn. We had a visit to the House of History (Haus der Geschichte). An English spoken tour guide accompanied us during our stay there. It was a good opportunity for our new students to learn more about the history of Germany.

Well, there are also some pictures to show you more about our welcome week 2013. Enjoy it! :)