RUB Bauwesen CompEng

On 19th of December 2013 we were very proud to welcome Mr. Heinrich Wellen at Ruhr University Bochum. Mr. Wellen is Head of Structure Analysis Lean Processes and Proximity Coordinator of Airbus Germany and also a lecturer in Bremen University of Applied Sciences. Within the years of working by Airbus he had different responsibilities in such fields as crash worthiness, structural optimization, strength analysis, methods and tools development, linear and nonlinear finite element analysis and project leadership.

After a short welcome speech by Prof. Em. Dietrich Hartmann from Computing in Engineering department, Mr. Wellen gave a very individual and motivating presentation with the topic: "Professional life of a manager within the German and European aircraft industry".

During the presentation he asked the students to work in groups and discuss about some questions such as:

What made you the person you are?

Which boundaries do you have in your life?

What is important for your professional development?

What is important for living a balanced and healthy life?

Since most of the students expected to hear a technical presentation from Mr. Wellen, he surprised them with his very personal talk that made the audience think about their own way of life deeper and more seriously. After about one hour the presentation was concluded by a promotional video about the work of Airbus and future prospects of the aircraft technology.

Once again we would like to thank Mr. Wellen for his time and giving us a vision about a life of a successful manager and we are sure that this presentation has provided inspiration to the auditors.