RUB Bauwesen CompEng

PBUProjektbüro Bauen und Umwelt (PBU)

You probably passed it many times and some of you might already have wondered what it is about: The Project Office in building IC, level 03, room 648/626.

In one sentence: Students can write their Bachelor or Master Thesis there as well as all other kinds of theses like project theses or student research projects.

The Projektbüro PBU has twelve working desks with computers that are equipped with the most modern software and many other more subject-specific programs. Every student of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering - so also every CompEng-Student - can apply for a desk to work on his/her thesis during a period up to three or six month.

Besides a calm and conducive working environment the Projektbüro offers assistance regarding the scheduling and the structure of students' theses. Furthermore there are meetings once in a month where you have to shortly present the status of your work and where you could talk about problems you might see yourself confronted with. At the end you have to give a presentation in front of the other students of the Projektbüro on the basis of a poster that you have to create. This is very helpful because mostly a presentation is obligatory when writing a thesis and you can use the presentation at PBU as a 'final rehearsal'.

The grade still will be given by the professor of the chair you are writing at and also the selection of the topic has to be done beforehand by the student.

In the past few years some of the CompEng students already took advantage of the Projektbüro. If you have any questions about how to apply or other formalities just come by at our office or write us an email to CompEng-Support. We will be happy to help! Or check out:

Quelle: PBU - Jahresbericht 2013