RUB Bauwesen CompEng

Haus der Geschichte Bonn


It was Saturday morning around 08.30 a.m. when we started our trip. Although the students had a long welcome week, however it was valuable to visit the House of history in Bonn.

To get familiar with the history of the country, which will be the home for at least the next two years, can be interesting. The CompEng students expected a guided tour in the museum of history with the exhibition from the time after WW II on. For the reason that Germany was divided into two parts, the tour provided an overview about the two separated accounts of the GDR and the FRD and it led to the chronicle of  the reunification and the integration of the former GDR into FRD.

Afterwards the students used the chance to take a look around the former capital. We took a lunch break and then were headed to our next destination, the amazing Cathedral of Cologne.

It was a little bit exhausting but on the whole it was a delicately interesting and fine trip. The weather was quite nice and the beautiful sunset on the bank of the Rhine was worth the train trip on Saturday morning.