RUB Bauwesen CompEng

Berlin Excursion 2014



After the trip to Hamburg last year, the CompEng Students had the opportunity to join a trip to the capital of Germany this year. 

The journey to Berlin started very early on Friday morning. Everyone entered the bus with sleepy eyes. The weather couldn't have been any better. There was no sign of rain and now and then the sun peeked out from behind the clouds. Every participant had a panoramic view out of the window during the journey, enjoying the beautiful countryside of  Germany, gazing out of the window, taking pictures and even making videos.

As usual for this time of the year, it was windy and much colder in Berlin than it was in Bochum. Fortunately, the youth hostel was located directly in the city centre nearby Potsdamer Platz and Neue Nationalgalerie which made it easy to experience the rush and diversity of this metropolis. The CompEng Team prepared a rich cultural programme which the students participated in.

After arriving at the hostel and sorting out the room arrangement, the whole CompEng group went for a walk through the nearby Tiergarten to the Brandenburger Tor to get a first impression of Berlin. Later in the evening everyone headed to Kreuzberg by subway. Kreuzberg is famous for its bars, clubs and its alternative scene. It wasn't easy to find a place, that could accommodate the whole group so eventually the group split up. However, at the end of the night almost everyone ended up at the same bar anyways.

On Saturday the programme started with a guided tour. Via bus the CompEngs discovered Berlin. The likeable and funny tour guide lead the bus driver through West- and East-Berlin always keeping the former border that used to separate the city in mind. As a genuine Berlin citizen he recounted short anecdotes about his own past and how he experienced the former separated city. The tour ended in the government quarter from where everyone spread out into different parts of the city to discover them on their own. As the night before, the CompEngs met again at a bar to celebrate their last night in Berlin.

Before everyone got on the bus headed home on Sunday, they visited the Technical Museum Berlin and had a guided tour through the area of aerospace. On more than 6,000 square meters the museum displays important developments and events from around 200 years of German aviation history. But the area of aerospace is only a small part of the museum. Aside from the areas for navigation, rail transport, road traffic and technology there is a large museum park with two windmills, a water mill, a smithy and brewery.

Even though the programme and the evenings were demanding the return on Sunday became a bit unsatisfying. The opinion regarding the stay in Berlin was, that this city offers so much more than you can see in that short time period.

Berlin is fascinating and we have to be thankful to everybody who took part and was involved to make this excursion happen. We hope everybody had as much fun as the CompEng Team and we are working hard to realize the next trip, wherever it may be.

Special thanks to the RUB FSVK, the RUB faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering, the CompEng student council and last but not least, the CompEng Coordination Office without whom this trip would not have been possible - either financially or in terms of organisation.