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Dia de los muertos



A luchador visited us yesterday at the CompEng Office, introducing to us the Mexican way to celebrate the Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos), a day (2nd November) on which the people remember their loved ones who are not among us anymore. They also presented us a couple of Calaveritas, short funny poems that are ficitional epitaphs mocking friends, describing their habits and attitudes or funny anecdotes. Thanks a lot for this insight into this wonderful tradition!

The luchador called himself „El Santo“ and wore a silver Wrestling mask. Is it just us or does he also remind you of a CompEng student from last year’s class? As we found out later on he also ‘disturbed’ some CompEng lessons to bring this Mexican tradition nearer to his classmates.
PS: Special thanks to Design Optimization lecturer Dr. Karl-Heinz Lehner, who took the interruption with good spirits...