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Tomorrow's Civil Engineers: A Retrospective of the 'KinderUni' (Children's University) on November 27 and 28

An excited throng, sparkling eyes, and from here and there an enthusiastic shout: this was what the accompanying adults got to see at the sixth big KinderUni (children's university), taking place at RUB's Audimax on November 27 and 28, 2014.  After three fascinating lectures and presentations, about 1,400 3rd and 4th graders from elementary schools in Bochum and its surrounding area had the chance to experiment at 15 booths at the foyer of the Audimax. Coating fingernails with plasma, decoding old handwritings, the production of huge curls of smoke as well as RUB's driving simulator were only some of the highlights of the event. Under the umbrella "AllesIng", a PR initiative of the three engineering faculties, the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering Sciences, to which Computational Engineering belongs, also took part in the KinderUni. The XXL Jenga game, which already proved to be a lot of fun during the Extraschicht, was maybe a little bit less spectacular than aforementioned attractions but nevertheless enjoyed great popularity among the children. The photos in the picture gallery prove this for sure. In teams of three against each other, sometimes also in a joint effort, the tower was to be built as sturdy and high as possible, only using the provided wooden blocks. The aim of the game was to give the children a hands-on insight into the design of buildings and hence allowing them to get to know some problems of structural design and the load capacity of parts of buildings as an important area of responsibility of civil engineers. Especially talented builders got a handicraft kit with which the children can work on together with their parents: lasting memories for tomorrow's civil engineers.


The next KinderUni, whose organizer was the "UniverCity Bochum", a cooperation of Bochum's seven universities, will take place in 2016.


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