RUB Bauwesen CompEng

Welcome Week 2014


"Welcome to Ruhr University Bochum and be proud to be part of the CompEng course!" These were Mr. Sahlmen's opening words of the first event, the Welcome Breakfast, of this year's Welcome Week from October 8 until the 11th, 2014. All new students of the course got to experience their first German breakfast and more importantly got in touch with each other as well as getting to know the CompEng-Team. A hearty breakfast with a lot of good old German bread rolls was necessary in order to endure the following enrollment. With 50 Students it obviously took some time until everybody received  the full support of the CompEng Team explaining all details about the functions of the student-ID card and other important matters.

On the second day of the Welcome Week the new students took part in a campus tour where they got to know their new university in more detail. After such an exhausting tour, we all needed a good lunch at the Mensa. Later that day we had the chance to observe that the new students do not only have their good grades in common but also their great bowling performance. On the second day we all went to Germany's first public bowling alley " Bochumer Bowling Treff". It was a lot of fun for everybody and we noticed great unity in diversity. It was good to see that everybody was cheering and was using the time to learn about the many different cultures that unite CompEng.

The official Welcome Ceremony was held the next day. Director Prof. Hackl welcomed the CompEng course. Another breakfast took place and afterwards the students heard all about their new classes at the presentation of the courses by the teaching staff.  

Finally, on the last day of the Welcome Week 2014, we went to Bonn. We took part at a guided tour at the House of History and afterwards we spent some time wandering around beautiful Cologne. It was a very interesting and fascinating week for everybody, especially for the new students, who learned a lot about living and studying in Germany.

Every end is a beginning. This means for the CompEng Team full speed ahead, the next course will come, that is for sure.