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Dear CompEng students,

first of all, the CompEng Coordination Office wishes you a happy und successful new year!

One special recommendation for 2015: Visit our local theatre (Schauspielhaus Bochum)!

Did you know that, as an RUB-student, you have a theatre flatrate that allows you to join all regular performances for free?
The only thing you need to do is choose a play you'd like to see and make a reservation (by phone or personally at the theatre pay office) not later than three days before the relevant performance takes place (keyword "Theater Flatrate"). You can pick up your tickets 60 to 30 minutes prior to the beginning of the performance by showing your student ID card. You can also try your luck, go to the theatre pay office 30 minutes before the play begins and ask whether there are some tickets left.

You can find the current theatre program here:

More info about the theatre flatrate can be found here:

The Theatre is located in Bochum's city centre and can be reached easily by subway (308/318) or, from Bochum main station, by foot.

Note: Apart from a few exceptions, all plays are presented in German. Since the theatre is a highly visual medium, however, it should be possible to follow the action nonetheless.


Photo: Diana Küster