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VGU-Summer School 2015 @ RUB

Continuing the tradition of the past five years, this summer a student exchange with the Computational Engineering program at VGU is taking place as a summer school at RUB. At the moment the whole VGU class of 2014 is staying in Bochum in order to complete a four-week program offered by the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. This program includes classes in wind engineering as well as a special GIS-Tools training and an experimentally oriented mechanics laboratory. In addition, the Vietnamese exchange students will participate together with the Bochum CompEng students at the exams of these classes.

Apart from the academic training, a cultural program that includes both professional and social program points, is taking place as well. Thus, for example, the visit of industrial heritage sites and a visit to a soccer match of VFL Bochum are planned.

Our special thanks go out to the DAAD who made this summer school possible through its financial support, as they have in past years.

Students who would like to speak and exchange ideas with the VGU-students are more than welcome to contact the CompEng Coordination Office (IC 03/549; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). We would be happy to arrange meetings in an informal setting.