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The DFG (German Research Foundation) is the leading organization for science and research in Germany. Its membership consists of German research universities, non-university research institutions, scientific associations and the Academies of Science and the Humanities. The DFG receives the large majority of its funds from the federal government and the states, which are represented in all grants committees.
Just now, the DFG's Funding Atlas 2015 – Key Indicators for Publicly Funded Research in Germany was published, which gives an overview of the distribution of research funds among all German research institutions. In this statistics, the RUB Civil Engineering Faculty along with the Faculty of Architecture ranks number one in terms of the height of fundings received from the DFG for the period between 2011 and 2013. This result indicates that RUB is one of the leading research universities in Germany, at least in the field of engineering.

This result is partly due to the fact that the faculty hosts a Collaborative Research Center on the topic 'Interaction Modelling in Mechanized Tunelling' in which 12 departments of the faculty cooperate on a research basis.