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"Moin moin Hamburg!" - Hamburg excursion 2015


Thanks to the CompEng student council we got to spend a weekend, from October 30th until November 1st, in Hamburg.

The meeting point was at 6:45am on Friday morning, which was of course way too early for everyone involved. However and contrary to the previous years, every single one of the students who joined us on this great trip actually showed up on time, which might have been a first. So we were able to leave Bochum on time, which already foreshadowed the amazing weekend that we would have. Around noon we arrived in Hamburg. After settling into our rooms at the hostel and having a lunch break we all met up again to go on an English-guided boat tour. One of the first things our guide established was the typical northern German greeting "Moin moin!" which turned very quickly into the catchphrase of the weekend. Everybody was greeted all the time with "Moin moin", if strangers or fellow students. Blending in with the locals, or as they say: when in Rome, do as the Romans do. On the boat tour we got to see Hamburg's historic warehouse district, the harbor as well as some very big container ships. We also learned a lot from our guide about Hamburg's history and social life. Afterwards everyone was free to do whatever they wanted to, so the group split up. Some went to see the historic city hall while others just walked around the city and took in Hamburg's beautiful views. We all met up again for dinner and then it was finally time to explore some of Hamburg's crazy nightlife. A group of students went to the St. Pauli district to visit some bars and clubs around the world-famous Reeperbahn, the center of Hamburg's nightlife.

On Saturday morning we all met again to visit the Miniatur Wunderland, which is the world's largest model railway. There we were able to visit Switzerland, Austria, Bavaria, the USA, as well as the Scandinavian countries all in one day! Built with such attention to detail there were so many things to discover in the landscapes, one just had to look very closely. Afterwards the students had some more free time to visit the city by themselves. Some went to the botanical gardens or visited St. Michael's church while others had to take a little nap in order to recover from the previous night's weary activities. That night we again had dinner together and afterwards some of the students went out again to dance the night away.

On Sunday morning after breakfast we already had to leave beautiful Hamburg again. The bus ride back home went by quite quickly and quietly as everyone was exhausted from the busy weekend.

In conclusion, we had a great time with our CompEng students in an amazing city and we are already looking forward to next year's trip. Cheers!