RUB Bauwesen CompEng

Official Graduation Ceremony of the Academic Year 2015


On Friday, 21st November 2015, the Official Graduation Ceremony of the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering, to which the Computational Engineering Master’s course is attached, took place. After introducing each graduate from the Master’s programs Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering and Resources Management, and Computational Engineering by name and thesis title, Dean Prof. Dr.-Ing P. Mark extended them their congratulations and bid them farewell.

Later on this evening, this year’s excellence certificates were awarded to the students with the best academic results. From the CompEng program M.Sc. Ehsan Adeli and M.Sc. Tagir Ishkakov were awarded a book prize for their excellent academic achievements. Other CompEng graduates who were awarded their graduation certificates included M.Sc. Asim Ullah Khan, M.Sc. Achyutha Krishna Rao Kothapalli and M.Sc. Tatiana Yushina. Overall 35 CompEng students graduated in 2014. Like every year, the event closed with a delicious buffet and an informal get-together in the foyer of the Mensa Event Center.