RUB Bauwesen CompEng

A2 - The real experience


This year, the annual trip for Computational Engineering students led us to the vibrant capital of Germany. From 24th June until 26th June 2017 we spent a weekend in Berlin. Also on board were two exchange students from our partner programme at VGU in Vietnam who are currently in Germany to finish their Master's thesis, namely Aravinth Ramachandran and Huy Hoan Nguyen. Both have already visited Bochum for a summer school last year and were happy to have the opportunity to see more from Germany then their desks, the University or Bochum.

After starting our trip within a big storm at 7 am in the morning, our travels took us east, towards the cloudless and sunny weather. Shortly after passing Magdeburg, usually one hour away from Berlin, we ended up in a road blockage. Even though it took us the whole day to arrive in Berlin, finally at 11 pm, the students passed their time walking along the highway and ‘gambling’ in the bus. While enjoying the air conditioning and the provided drinks by our friendly bus driver, the students kept their spirits high.

The following day, the students enjoyed a bus tour throughout the city including interesting facts of former East Berlin’s history. Afterwards the great weather gave the students the opportunity to explore the city on their own. Everyone was free to do whatever they wanted to: some walked around the city experiencing more of Berlin's history and beautiful sides while others sat along the river Spree with some refreshments. In the evening, the students came together for dinner and enjoyed their meals. Later on, the soccer fans left for a public viewing on Berlin’s 'Fanmeile' and others went out to experience the eclectic nightlife.

On Sunday morning after breakfast, we had the great chance to see the aeronautical exhibition of the German Museum of Technology. We were provided a guided tour which expanded our knowledge from the pioneers of aviation, alongside military airplanes of the World Wars, to the space flights of the past until today. The students got the chance to engage in interesting discussions of technology and even test their own knowledge. The bus ride back home went by quickly and quietly, in comparison to the previous journey, as everyone was exhausted from the exciting weekend. Most students took the chance to take a little nap in order to recover from the previous night's activities.

In conclusion, we had a great time with our CompEng students in our beautiful capital and we are already excited for the next trip!


PS: Many thanks to the RUB Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering Sciences and FSVK, who considerably helped to realize this trip with their financial support.