RUB Bauwesen CompEng

From college to practice: Presentation by Gagan Syal

How do I start my career and which soft skills do I need? Dr.-Ing. CompEng graduate Gagan Syal had to answer many questions during his lecture on 15th July 2016. Today Gagan works at the Research and Development department at Mercedes-Benz in Bangalore (India). In the presentation, he gave the students an insight into his career, his current activities and the related challenges.
On the basis of his own biography, car enthusiast Gagan emphasized the importance of one point: a clearly defined career goal. Already as a child Gagan was fascinated by cars. After he finished his Bachelor thesis he arrived in Germany with one distinct mission: a job in the development department at Mercedes-Benz. He joined the company already during his studies, when writing his Master thesis there. Today he deals as a technical expert with the development of cars, which must allow for the requirements of each market in detail and the progressive digitalization in total. Gagans intercultural experiences from his time in Germany help him to communicate with his colleagues all around the world. Therefore, an open-minded and communicative nature of each employee is indispensable.