RUB Bauwesen CompEng


Splish Splash, who is going to take a bath?

Accompanied by four students from VGU, who are currently writing their Master's theses at RUB, the CompEng Coordination Team along side with Prof. Dr Hackl and Dr Hoppe went on a canoe trip on the river Ruhr.

The trip started in Hattingen, not far downstream from 'Lake Kemnade'. As most of the CompEng team members were real rookies when it comes to canoeing, everyone listened carefully to the detailed briefing. There was even a dry run at the riverside where everyone could make their first paddle strokes. The order was: life jackets on, valuable belongings stored inside a waterproof box, paddle in one hand and off to the boats. Not far from the starting point the first challenge expected the group; a so-called boat slide. The canoe expert, who gave the introduction, had warned everyone about the risk of capsizing. Untrained canoeists tend to easily roll over at the end of the slide. However, two (almost) fearless helmsmen and their crew took the risk and accepted the challenge. With screams in the background, the boats slid down the water ride and everyone got a little wet but luckily no one ended up in bathing in the river.

This was not the only challenge the four crews had to face further on the trip. There was one more boat slide waiting, a couple of rapids, and just canoeing straight ahead in the bright sun was also a challenge to some crew members. After about four hours of paddling and drifting, the group arrived at Essen Horst, where they finally got out of the canoes and inside a 'Biergarten' for dinner - and, of course, a pint of beer.

The whole CompEng Team and the VGU students enjoyed the day and if one looks at the smiling faces, it is definitely set to take up the paddles once again and repeat this exciting and adventurous day next year.