RUB Bauwesen CompEng

CompEng Welcome Week

The Welcome Week traditionally started with an initial casual breakfast on Friday, October the 7th. Dipl.-Ing. Jörg Sahlmen, the course coordinator, welcomed the newcomers and gave a brief introduction about the Ruhr-Area and its rich cultural possibilities. He further gave information about Bochum as a location for research, science and football. During a typical German breakfast, the new students had time to get to know each other and also meet some of the senior CompEng students such as student council president Shrikanth Panneerselvan. Following this, the student council took the newcomers on a campus tour to get to know their surroundings at university.

On Wednesday, the 12th October, it was time for the students to get to know the Ruhr area outside of university. Travelling to Dortmund, the student council organized a 3D black light mini golf event.

Giving the traditional concept of mini golf, an outdoor activity in the summer, a little twist and changing it to an indoor activity with 3D glasses. The aim of the game is it to hole a ball in with as few attempts as possible, and with not more than six hits. Generally, it seemed that the German team members had a few advantages over the newcomers, as in every group a CompEng support team member won.

The Ruhr area is known for its famous football teams. On Friday, the 14th of October, the CompEng support team along with the newcomers and members of the student council went to see a second league football match between VFL Bochum and SV Sandhausen at Vonovia Ruhrstadion.

It was not the best match for VFL Bochum but in the second half and after two goals in only two minutes, the match ended as a tied game. After that, some students went to Bermuda Dreieck to enjoy the rest of the weekend before the lectures start.