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Outstanding Academic Performances - CompEng Trio Graduates with 0.8 CGPA

The Faculty of Civil and Engineering has been offering the master’s program Computational Engineering since the winter semester of 2000. This year, three of the students from the batch of 2014 finished their master studies with Computational Engineering and showed their impressive academic performances with the department – all ending up with a CGPA of 0.8.

Sahir Butt is a bachelor graduate in Automotive and Marine Engineering from the NED University of Engineering & Technology in Pakistan, Vladislav Gudžulić finished his bachelor studies in Civil Engineering at University of Belgrade in Serbia and Manish Hassan Nagaraj obtained his bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering from Manipal University in India.  All of them started their master’s studies together in October 2014 and finished their studies successfully with some of the best CGPAs Computational Engineering has ever seen.

Mr. Sahir Butt finished his studies with an overall CGPA 0.8. His master thesis ‘Wave dispersion and propagation in state-based peridynamics’ was written with the Institute of Structural Mechanics here at Ruhr University Bochum. As a cooperation between the CompEng master’s course and the Collaborative Research Center 837 ‘Interaction Modeling in Mechanized Tunneling’ (SFB 837) a Fast Track scholarship program for extraordinarily qualified candidates was introduced in the winter semester of 2015/16. Sahir Butt is a scholarship holder of the Fast Track program and obtains his master degree and a PhD degree at the same time; having now completed his master studies; while working at one of the SFB’s sub projects as a research assistant.

Mr. Gudžulić graduated with a CGPA of 0.8 as well. This year, he won the DAAD price, due to his excellent academic accomplishments and social commitment for the master’s program; including his work in the departmental student committee, the faculty council, the examination board and his dedication as a tutor for new coming students. His master thesis ‘Computational modelling of fiber flow during casting of fresh concrete’ was also written with the Institute of Structural Mechanics. Later this year, he will start his PhD here at Ruhr University.

As well as the other two graduates, Mr. Nagaraj finished his studies with a CGPA of 0.8. He was an active member of the Computational Engineering student council and as such he was a contact person especially for new students while also being responsible for the organization of a student language project similar to the TANDEM project called "Sprachstunde". The topic of his master thesis was "Estimating the effective thermal conductivity of carbon nanocomposites using analytical and computational models", which was also undertaken at the Institute of Structural Mechanics at Ruhr University Bochum. He is currently a PhD student at Politecnico di Torino University in Italy.

We congratulate Mr. Butt, Mr. Gudžulić and Mr. Nagaraj and wish them all the best and good luck for their future careers.


Here some comments from the graduates themselves about the CompEng program:

Sahir Butt:

“When I started my CompEng master’s program at RUB, it was all new for me and out of my comfort zone, living in a completely different country, understanding the principal concepts of computational science, learning a new language. But now looking at the past, I am convinced that it was one of the most crucial experience of my life. My CompEng batch had students from nineteen different countries, it was delightful to be a part of such a multicultural group, and I made friendships which outlasted the academic era. As for the academic part, I got more and more fascinated by the elegance, consistency and the power of Mathematical tools and the neat physical principles underneath them, making possible the modelling of the natural phenomena very accurately. I had an unforgettable time in CompEng.”


Vladislav Gudžulić:

“Through CompEng Master program, I have not only grown up on academic, but also on a personal level. The international character of the program and the support from the managing team orients students towards each other, so many wonderful friendships are built in Bochum. The courses here are held by world renowned-researchers in their respective fields. Accordingly, the master’s program is rather engaging and very fulfilling at the same time, and it results in a well-rounded knowledge of numerical methods and simulation techniques ready to be applied in industrial or academic environment.”


Manish Hassan Nagaraj:

“I had a very positive experience during my time at CompEng, both academically and socially. The course helped me develop my technical skills to an entirely new level, and I particularly liked the fact that I was free to choose any combination of courses, without being restricted to a sub-field. I also enjoyed the extremely international environment of the classroom!”