RUB Bauwesen CompEng


Ever since last week, CompEng students are visibly represented in the KommRaum.

After new CompEng students arrive in Bochum the KommRaum (IC 03-173) is, besides the Coordination Office, the first room they get to know at Ruhr-University Bochum. Usually the CompEng Team welcomes the new intake there; generally, it is also the location for the annual student council election and party venues. Besides being a location for official events and parties it is actually a room for all students of the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering, i.e. it belongs to students of Civil Engineering, Environmental and Resource Management (UTRM) as well as Computational Engineering. It is open the whole day and can be used between two lectures to recover on one of the couches, for a match of table soccer or to prepare for exams.

Last week the KommRaum finally received the well overdue CompEng mark. In cooperation with a local artist, the student council represented by Yi Wang painted their logo using stencil technic to one wall of the KommRaum.