RUB Bauwesen CompEng


The Movie Park in Bottrop is always a must see during Halloween season, so we decided this cannot be kept back from our CompEng students and scheduled a trip for 3rd November 2017.

When the big day had finally arrived, we met at 9am at Herne Central Station to be at the Movie Park together when they opened the doors for visitors. We were very lucky as we benefitted from their special group offer that was paid by the financial support of the student council. Cheers to that!

After everyone got the entrance card and the Movie Park map, the real fun began! In such a short time CompEng students were spread out everywhere in the park and enjoyed themselves. Even though the temperature was low and we had to wait in long queues – thanks to the rides and attractions – we all had some great thrills. Those, who managed to stay until 6pm, experienced the park turning into a horror show! Who likes to be scared had come to the right place!

After a long, exhausting but fun day, everyone found their way back home!  

Big thanks to the student council’s financial support, to Mr. Zimmermann’s whole organization and to everyone who joined this fun trip and made it a great experience!