RUB Bauwesen CompEng

The Highlight of this year's welcome week for the new CompEng students has been a visit at the Bochumer Ruhrstadion to watch the match of Vfl Bochum against SV Sandhausen. It has been a very thrilling and nerve-racking game. VfL Bochum had lost the previous game because of an own goal and fired it's coach during the week ahead. Hence, nobody knew what to expect before the match.  

As we entered our seats the new students instantly started, together with the rest of the stadium, to cheer the team on. Luckily, we all had two good reasons to keep on cheering because Bochum scored after 12 minutes for the first time (1:0 Hinterseer) and then tied the knot during the second half-time (2:0 Stöger).  

Thanks to everybody for joining and we really hope that you enjoyed it.