RUB Bauwesen CompEng

On the 17th of July 2018 nine brave CompEngs participated in the BauIng Football Match: Sven Zimmermann (as their goalkeeper and team captain), Saheed Kosemani, Yehia Seif, Abdul Kader Sultan, Darlington Somto Onwuama, Tarik Sahin, Ali Meisamiasl, Pedram Dinarvandi and Jin Uk Lim. The exciting and motivated atmosphere of the players and viewers was supported by amazing sunny weather and kindly prepared cold drinks and barbecue by the student council of BauIng.

CompEng had a great start into the tournament by winning the first match with 2:0 against “279”. Jin Uk Lim shot the first goal for CompEng, densely followed by Pedram Dinarvandi, who struck a second time. The opposing team did not have the chance to compensate their deficit. The second match was not as successful as the first. CompEng lost 0:2 against FC Ray Reese. However, the players bounced back and could decide the third match in their favour with a win of 2:1 against FC Biercelona. Thus, CompEng left the preliminary round as second of the four teams in their group.

After a short break to catch their breath, drink something and take the chance to eat a sausage, CompEng competed in the quarterfinal of the tournament. They had to fight for their win this time and suffered their first setback. Abdul Kader Sultan painfully bruised his faced but not without reward for his commitment.  In the end, CompEng won the quarterfinal with 2:1 against Borussia Brechstange.

The players gathered their last strengths and bravely entered the semi-final. During the first half, the game was evenly balanced for a long time. Unfortunately, CompEng could not prevent two unlucky goals for TSV Rymbecke 08/15 at the end of the first half. They went into the break with two scores behind but tried to come back strong. Even though they were exhausted and bruised, they did not give up. Regardless of their commitment, TSV Rymbecke 08/15 scored another two times and won the semi-final.

CompEng managed to come in fourth place out of fourteen teams that participated. The players can be very proud of this great result! Everybody had a great day, a lot of fun and in the end: taking part is everything!