RUB Bauwesen CompEng

The very first CompEng batch from 2000 met for a reunion in Niš, Serbia


Computational Engineering has been an international programme since it’s initiation in 2000 through Prof. Dr. Günther Schmid, former head of the work group “Theorie der Tragwerke und Simulationstechnik” (Theory of Structures and Simulation Technique), thus, why not celebrate the reunion of the first batch in the home country of the majority of the first students?


Danijela Djuric, as part of the first batch, organized the reunion in Niš as a two day get together including long chats, walks through the city and a traditional Balkan breakfast.  Almost the complete batch followed the invitation including “Father CompEng” Prof. Dr. Schmid. There was plenty of time to take a trip down memory lane and talk about the time together in Bochum and what it felt being the first student of a complete new programme. Surely, everyone was also eager to see what the future brought to one another, hence, it was very welcome that some former students brought their families along. Maybe we will see the one or other in Bochum in the future when he or she follows the steps of his or her mother or father.


We are also glad to hear that this very first alumni meeting will go into second round with the second batch. A reunion is under preparation. In the 20th year of the birth of the Master’s programme Computational Engineering we do hope this is only the kick-off for further reunions, get-togethers and meetings of former members of the CompEng family!


Sarah Jordan, Student Assistant