RUB Bauwesen CompEng

Student Council Election 2019



On Thursday, the 31st of January the CompEng students met for the annual student council plenary meeting. The President and Vice President as well as the Treasurer and Co-Treasurer have been released from their positions during the meeting. Course coordinator Jörg Sahlmen as well as Tariq Alwesabi, Sathish Kumar Kolachira Narayanan and Kim Auth from the student council kindly presented their work. The prospect candidates from the current CompEng batch introduced themselves with a short campaign speech and the election took place. After counting the votes, the new student council was set.

We are happy to announce the new CompEng student council:


Sharan Nurani Ramesh



Suyog Mhatre


Adithya Kalliath


Mehmet Emirhan Özcan

Congratulation! We are looking forward to a good cooperation.





Christina Rauch, Student Assistant