RUB Bauwesen CompEng

"MasterPlan" Open Day 2019

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On Friday, the 24th of May 2019 the Student Advice Centre / Student Counselling Centre and the RUB Alumni Service organized the RUB event "MasterPlan" for the first time. Students came to get information about the many Master's programmes at RUB during a Master's fair in the Audimax. Afterwards, in the afternoon, graduates, chair and student representatives were present during the master's information event of the faculty to answer questions about Master's programmes in Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering and Resource Management and Computational Engineering. The students received further information as well as an information presentation by the Student Counselling, which can be recognised as an obligatory Master's consultation. Many took the opportunity to directly ask former students questions about the contents of their studies and career prospects. In addition, some student representatives of the three Master's programmes provided an authentic insight into their Master's programme.

A special thanks to the dean's office of the faculty, as well as Lina Böhme, Julia Lippmann and Mona Rosenberg from the PR department of the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering who organized this fantastic event.

Many thanks to the CompEng Student Council members who actively supported everyone during the event.




Christina Rauch, Student Assistant