RUB Bauwesen CompEng

Moin Moin Hamburg

CompEng Airbus 2019


"Wow, Wow, Wow - Alles war perfekt!" (Suyog Mhatre) On Friday, the 28th of June, CompEng took off for a weekend trip to Germany’s second biggest city – Hansestadt Hamburg. Meeting point was the Bochum main station. Also on board were five exchange students from our partner programme at VGU in Vietnam who are currently in Germany to finish their Master's thesis.

After starting off rather early in the morning, everyone slowly awoke during our journey with several regional trains so that after our arrival everyone was well rested for a walking tour through the St. Pauli district. The tour gave us an insight to the development of the district, we saw large amusement palaces, the catholic church St. Joseph on the “Große Freiheit”, a side road to the famous “Reeperbahn” and of course the Reeperbahn itself. After the tour ended, everyone spread out to explore the city on their own.

On Saturday, after breakfast, we met up for a harbor tour. The weather was amazing, the sun was shining and everyone went up on deck to enjoy the ride. We got to see the harbor city and when we passed one of the big AIDA cruise ships everyone waved cheerfully. After the tour everyone had time for a quick lunch before we set out for the Airbus factory tour. Going there was an adventurous trip – First, the ferry was too crowded so we couldn’t fit on it. After a change of plans we took the bus, which then had engine trouble on the autobahn. Just when everyone thought we would have to wait for a replacement bus and would probably miss the factory tour, the bus could drive on. We just made it in time to Airbus and started the tour in two groups. We got exciting insights into the production and assembly of Airbus aircrafts and learned many facts around the Airbus manufacturing. Besides the rather small aircrafts, like the A320 and A330 we had the opportunity to stand in front of the jet engine of a A380. With a diameter of around 3 meters it was just impressive. Not as long but more impressive with its bulky fuselage, was the short glimpse the group had on the Beluga, Airbus’ transportation aircraft which is used to fly aircraft parts to the responsible production sites in Europe.

After the tour and a well-deserved dinner, some students spent the evening at the hostel, enjoying the night view of the Hamburger Landungsbrücken and discovering their fascination for card reading, while others went on to enjoy Hamburg’s nightlife.

Sunday was the last day of our trip. After breakfast we brought our luggage to the hostel’s luggage room so we could enjoy the last hours of our stay. There was one last item on our agenda: the PROTOTYP automobile museum. We saw unique cars of the brands Volkswagen and Porsche as well as many classics, vintage cars, and rare models of different brands. We had a few hours to grab something to eat, soak in the sun and stroll around Hamburg for the last time this weekend before we would get our luggage and meet at the Hamburg main station. The way back went smoothly, many took the chance to take a little nap on the train in order to recover from the previous night activities. Others took advantage of the time to prepare for upcoming exams and presentations.

I think it is safe to say that the trip was truly unforgettable! The group definitely grew together in this three eventful days and everyone learned a lot. We want to thank every single one who accompanied us on this trip! We had a great time with our CompEng students in an amazing city and we are already looking forward to next year's trip. Cheers!

A special shout out to the RUB Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering Sciences, the FSVK and the CompEng student council without whom this trip would not have been possible.



Christina Rauch and Sarah Jordan, Student Assistants