RUB Bauwesen CompEng

CompEng Barbecue Event



On Friday, 2nd August 2019 the CompEng student council organized a summer barbecue on campus. Everyone came together to enjoy the last days before the examination period would start.

The atmosphere was cordial and friendly, the offer left nothing to be desired. There was a lot of laughing and chatting, everyone used the time to catch up. Some even played ‘Flunkyball’, a popular game often played in Germany during summer.

For some it was their first barbecue but the inexperienced grill masters made a sovereign impression behind the grill and looked very professional in their aprons.

Even the heavy rain couldn’t bend the mood. It was the perfect event to enjoy everyone’s company before an intense learning phase.


Many thanks from the CompEng SupportTeam for the invitation and a great thanks to the CompEng Student Council who did an awesome job at organizing this lovely barbecue.

A special shout out to the FSVK, who considerably helped to realize this event with their financial support.




Christina Rauch