RUB Bauwesen CompEng

Canoe Trip for VGU Students and CompEng Coordination Team



On the last weekend in August it was finally and literally time for some refreshment for the three VGU students who are currently at RUB to write their Master’s thesis (two of them with the financial support of a DAAD scholarship). CompEng Coordination Team organized a canoe trip on the river Ruhr which led from Hattingen to Essen. The river Ruhr is and was the heart of the industrial Ruhr area which was, to the amazement of our guests, until a few decades ago dominated by the coal and steel industries. At the shore zones only isolated traces were to be seen of it. All in all, however, the rich nature and the tranquillity on the water were inspiring.

In order to overcome the differences in height of the river, everyone had to get out of the canoe several times to lead the boat on the rope, the so-called towing. The highlight were the rapids at the beginning of the route. The Ruhr showed itself from its rough side, and if you weren't careful, one or two litres of water poured into the boat. Luckily nobody fell into the water.

On the last part of the route the Ruhr was very calm, and the arms became more and more tired from paddling. At the end, everyone more than deserved a cool drink in a beer garden.



Sarah Jordan