RUB Bauwesen CompEng

CompEng Bowling Night

01 Gruppenfoto Bowling 2019


On Wednesay, 18th December 2019 the CompEng students met up before the winter break for a Bowling Night organized by the Student Council.

The students had a great time and, as often happens it was much more about catching up with everyone rather than the competition itself – everyone was chatting and enjoying the gathering. For some it was their first time bowling but everyone for sure had a great time - there was a lot of laughing. Not least because of the excitement and sportsmanship of everyone this was a perfect event to recharge one’s batteries.

Many thanks from the CompEng SupportTeam for the invitation and a great thanks to the CompEng Student Council.

A special shout out to the FSVK, who considerably helped to realize this event with their financial support.

Thanks to everyone who kindly provided us with photos of the event.



Christina Rauch