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Five Reasons why CompEng is Unique



By combining its strong research environment with a warm and supporting atmosphere on campus, the Master’s program Computational Engineering gained an excellent reputation among its students and partners. The reasons why students decide to continue their academic career at RUB, studying CompEng, are numerous. To name the most striking ones, check out our five reasons why CompEng is unique:


q StefanieinVietnam

1. VGU

More than 10 years ago, a sister course of the RUB-Master’s programme “Computational Engineering” was founded at the Vietnamese-German University (VGU) in Ho Chi Minh City. Since its founding the VGU has served as a flagship project and model for the entire region. In cooperation with a respective partner country, the VGU and four other state-run “New Model Universities” were established in Vietnam.

The good contact with the VGU allows students from CompEng to go to Vietnam to study abroad for several weeks or a full semester. Every year in summer, the RUB is also visited by exchange students from VGU, who write their master thesis in Germany. Our guests can then take part in joint research projects as well as excursions organized by the Support Team and the Student Council.



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2. International Friendships

Over 10 different nationalities are included in the course each semester. Every one of them brings his or her own unique story. Through the international surrounding, the students receive the opportunity to gain insight in several different cultures and improve their social skills. During their time in Germany, CompEng students share their customs, celebrate traditional holidays and form lifelong friendships. Although the lectures are all held in English, the students can attend German-language courses at the University and participate in different offers like the Tandem-program or the weekly “Sprachcafe”.



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3. Familial Atmosphere

Since CompEng at RUB is a small course of around fifty students each semester, no one will be overlooked. Our CompEng Support Team is there for every student and will help with any concern or difficulty that might occur. To hear some first hand experiences, check out the alumni-section.

Become part of the CompEng-family!





 g Berlingrouppicture4. Excursions

Every semester there are organized fun and exciting excursions by the CompEng Support Team as well as the Student Council. Every year we go on a big trip to either Berlin or Hamburg with the new CompEng batch. The students get to see more from Germany, their new home and get to spend a full weekend with their fellow students and the CompEng Team. During the semester we go on trips like amusement parks, museums, football games or fairs. These trips allow our students to gain interesting insights and get to know Germany better. Exploring a new place together additionally always boosts the team spirit.

Next to the faculty-planned excursions, students can also easily go on trips themselves. Because the social fee at RUB includes a free train and bus tickets abonnement for the whole state of North-Rhine-Westphalia, they can travel to all neighbour cities around Bochum for free.


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5. Excellent Career Chances

The strong and unique research environment of the Master’s programme provides essential skills, which prepare students for their future career. Next to receiving key-qualifications in engineering mechanics, mathematics and computer science, students are able, to gain valuable practical insights by working side by side with the university researchers. CompEng’s good contact to partners in the industry, additionally eases the information flow about relevant job opportunities for CompEng-graduates. Computational Engineering is an excellent stepping-stone on the way to top-level positions in high-tech companies or for an outstanding academic career.



Alice Alferink, Student Assistant