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CompEng Student publishes Journal Paper

 Holla figure1

Concrete Mesostructure Generator (CMG): 2D section of a 3D polyhedron enclosing an ellipsoid in CMG (left), calculation of tangent points between the ellipsoid surface and polyhedron planes with random angles (right)
[Image taken from the paper "Computational Generation of Virtual Concrete Mesostructures", see figure 1]

Vijaya Holla, CompEng Student since winter semester 2018/19 and currently working as a student assistant at the Institute for Structural Mechanics at RUB, recently published a peer-reviewed journal paper. The paper “Computational Generation of Virtual Concrete Mesostructures“ is published as part of the DFG-funded project CoDA in collaboration with M.Sc. Giao Vu (RUB), Dr.-Ing. Jithender J. Timothy (RUB), M.Sc. Fabian Diewald (TUM), Prof. Dr. Christoph Gehlen (TUM), Prof. Dr. techn. Günther Meschke (RUB).

The aim of the 6-year research project "Concrete Damage Assessment by Coda Waves" (CoDA) is to develop new methods for assessing the safety and durability of pre-stressed concrete structures such as existing bridges with the help of coda wave analysis. The content of the project is the theoretical and experimental investigation of diffuse ultrasonic signals - the coda - in reinforced concrete structures.


Further information about CoDA

Read the paper (open access):

Holla, V.; Vu, G.; Timothy, J.J.; Diewald, F.; Gehlen, C.; Meschke, G. Computational Generation of Virtual Concrete Mesostructures. Materials 2021, 14, 3782.