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Tutor Talks 2nd Round

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How can we keep these pandemic selfies from you?

In September, our Tutor Talks returned for a second round - What last year was a means to an end, this year was a great opportunity to see, get to know and answer questions from our students from this year's batch before the semester even started!

The Tutor Talks were an important step further towards more personal contact with the team. Each CompEng newcomer received an invitation e-mail with a link to their Tutor Talk via Zoom. There the students received further information and had the opportunity to ask all kinds of questions. In groups of around 6-10 people the students could finally get to know their tutors and see for the first time the faces of their fellow students.

Meeting some of their mentees for the first time has been a special moment for the tutors, too. Thanks to everyone who joined our Tutor Talks, we are looking forward to meeting you on campus!