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webc1Brötchen, boats and ball-games: Welcome Week for the new RUB Computational Engineering class between Wednesday, 6 October and Saturday, 9 October 2010

During the Welcome Week a group of people from eight different countries met and experienced a mixture between essential (but maybe rather boring) formal aspects and enjoyable events.

On Wednesday – after a welcome breakfast at the working room for Comp-Eng students, during which the new students were welcomed by Course Coordinator Mr. Joerg Sahlmen – the Comp-Eng tutor team and the Comp-Eng coordination team helped the new students complete essential formalities such as registering at the Residents Registration Office, opening a bank account at Sparkasse Bochum, taking out health insurance etc.

On Thursday they were guided through the local computer pools by Engineering Informatics lecturer Dr. Karl-Heinz Lehner, before having lunch at the RUB canteen. Afterwards they were guided over the campus and shown central locations such as the library, the Students’ Secretary Office, the Audi Max and the Botanical Garden.

On Friday another breakfast was organized for them in which all Comp-Eng lecturers participated, before introducing their courses in a more formal context during the Official Welcome Ceremony. The ceremony was opened by a Word of Welcome from Dean Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thewes, in which he gave the students brief insights into the subject’s history. The day closed with a meeting at a bar at the so-called ‘Bermuda Triangle’, the local bar lane, where the students enjoyed a public viewing of an exciting football match between Germany and Turkey. Good for the Germans – bad luck for the Turkish students among the class, Germany won this European Championships qualification game with a final score of 3:0.

The absolute highlight of the week was an excursion to Cologne, including a boat trip on the river Rhine. Huge thanks for the gorgeous weather which accompanied the new Comp-Eng class during the Welcome Week to the Higher Being – whether you call it Buddha, Allah, God, or something else.

Enjoy our picture gallery to get an impression of the Welcome Week and the immensely positive mood among the students.



First meeting


Oficial welcome


Cologne excursion