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Insights into practice: Comp-Eng alumni Raul Cano gives presentation on his work at DeWALT Professional Engineering (Black and Decker) on 8 April 2011

studiengebhren_1 The Comp-Eng Coordination Office is proud to announce a very special event in the context of our ‘Insights into Practice’ event series. On 8 April 2011 former Comp-Eng student Raul Cano will give exclusive insights into his work at DeWALT Professional Engineering (Black and Decker). Place: Room next to the Comp Eng room (level 0). Time: 2 p.m. We would like to encourage all Comp-Eng students to attend this presentation because it will provide them some unique insights into the daily routine of a working engineer. Columbian-born Raul Cano graduated from RUB as a Master’s student in 2008. During his time at RUB he worked as a student assistant at the department of Statics and Dynamics under Prof. Meschke. His responsibilities at DeWalt include modeling and simulations using software such as HyperMesh, LS-Dyna, ANSYS, FloEFD and FEMFAT.

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