RUB Bauwesen CompEng

main_pic_sAgainst the wonderful scenery of Lake Ohrid, Macedonia, a very special event took place: Comp-Eng founder Prof. Guenther Schmid and the first Comp-Eng graduate Josif Josikovski (graduated in August 2002) met on the occasion of a EU-workshop on the topic ‘Development of an Environment and Resources Engineering’ curriculum at several universities in Macedonia, Albania and Italy.

Prof. Schmid had established the cosmopolitan-oriented Comp-Eng course at RUB about ten years ago as the first course in Germany of its kind. Josif, now research associate at Skopje University with a research focus on Earthquake Engineering, was one of the first international students to graduate from the course. The picture shows Prof. Schmid (second from left) and Josif (far right) with Comp Eng coordinators Joerg Sahlmen (far left) and Julia Lippmann (second from right), who are currently doing their best to organize a guest lecture in the frame of the Comp-Eng "Insights into practice presentation series". The presentation series serves to give Comp-Eng alumni the chance to present on their job experiences and to get in touch with current Comp Eng students - and vice versa. Please check back regularly for more information on this topic. For now, enjoy our picture gallery to get an impression of the wonderful landscape around Lake Ohrid, which is situated at the border between Macedonia and Albania.