RUB Bauwesen CompEng


For more than a decade, the developing field of Computational Engineering has become increasingly important in science and high-tech industrial applications. Reacting on this, the department of Civil Engineering at Ruhr-Universität Bochum established the Master of Science programme “Computational Engineering” in 2000. Since then, the Master course has been providing to its students key-skills in engineering mechanics, mathematics and computer science required for innovatively designing and analysing high-tech engineering systems and materials.

The Master programme “Computational Engineering” starts every winter term and takes four semesters (2 years) to complete. During the first three semesters, students attend several compulsory and elective courses (see curriculum). The 4th semester is dedicated to the Master thesis. In this context, students are free to either write their Master thesis in an academic environment at various university departments or in the industry while being supported by a lecturer of the Master programme. Due to the faculty's close connections to the industry, support can also be offered to students in finding a suitable company. When they have completed the programme, Ruhr-Universität awards the title "Master of Science (M.Sc.)" to the successful candidates.


Due to the high academic standards of the programme and the condensed timetable we demand a strong commitment from our students. In order to study successfully, students are expected to work focussedly and with effort and dedication.


Career prospects

The Master programme is embedded in a strong research environment with an excellent international reputation. Especially in the second year, students work side by side with university researchers, thus gaining unique insights and experience in terms of scientific methodologies. From the experience with the previous generations of students it can be said that graduates have excellent chances on top-level positions in high-tech companies and other research institutions. The scientific education given in the Master programme provides the essential qualifications required for both – pursueing an academic career and a successful career in an industrial environment.

Language of instruction

Owing to the international focus of the programme, all lectures and examinations are held in English. Most of the lecturers spent an important part of their career in countries abroad, thus having profound teaching skills paired with a lot of international experience.

Composition of the classes

Our students are coming from all over the world. Therefore, the composition of the classes is very diverse. Studying Computational Engineering in Bochum, you will find yourself in a stimulating, culturally diverse environment. Internationalisation is a word which has much been talked of lately - here, it comes to life when students are talking and working with other people from a variety of cultural backgrounds.

Like in most engineering subjects, women are a minority in Computational Engineering; only about 15 per cent of our students are female. Thus, we would expressly like to encourage female students to apply for our course and to join us. We feel a strong commitment to support our female students. In fact, the better part of them went on to work on their Ph.D after completing the Master programme.

Semester abroad

We recommend that German students spend at least one semester at one of our partner universities in a country abroad.